• Widgets admin: advanced settings toggle, improved UI
  • Add booking: number, payment type, multiple items
  • Add comment for checkbox template for widgets
  • 7 Filter widget: Product support, extra options


  • Better default settings for widgets
  • Optimize post type template for widget
  • Update translate code markup
  • Booking emails html
  • Cart Booking page
  • admin widget CSS
  • Widget UI, advanced settings toggle title: translate ready
  • Optimize JS code for toggle checkboxes and radios
  • 7 slider widget: Default sort by with price-asc with list widget
  • widgets have the same amount of #default posts setting (7)
  • Gmaps marker default settings


  • fix item’s image in admin add booking
  • 7 Single widget: posts title & image bug
  • 7 slider widget: Fix option rating
  • Fix error: Cannot redeclare class Sl_Cart_Booking_Management
  • Fix get correct booking data for cart and bundle
  • Fix booking message in email template
  • Widgets: fix default sorting,¬†Fix add default off with setting excerpt, read more
  • select2 bug