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  • Wordpress tour plugin to add tour listings, online bookings with report and tour management

  • Wordpress rental plugin to list anything you want to rent, with online bookings and admin management.

  • Remove taxonomy post classes from posts in archives or widgets for better SEO.

  • Set the minimum amount of guests that can book a tour, never depart with 1 guest again.

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    Ticket extension for tours plugin & theme. Sell tour tickets like attractions with no allocation limit.

  • Events extension for tour theme & plugin. Use this if your tour departs very rarely to streamline the booking process.

  • Add shuttle buses to your bookings for tours and accommodations.

  • Create tour bundles and packages, that use stock management from the bundled tours.

  • Sell your accommodation bed by bed. Sole Occupancy upgrades available.

  • Admin for listing owners with, revenue and booking reports and manage their bookings and allocation.

  • Network extension to share any post (product, tour, rental,...) to any website in your WPMS network.

  • Network tool to build a footer for all your WPMS sites, so you can link to your properties easy and fast.

  • Tools to make it faster and easier to manage your WPMS network

  • Manage your bookings and departures/arrivals in a easy to use calendar view. Print out daily reports for your staff.