7 Listings comes with excellent support. Having a well coded & designed theme doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a way to ensure its longevity. We care about our customers and the sites that they put together. Any issue you have is our issue as well and we will do whatever it takes to have you up an running smoothly. We have a dedicated support forum for our users to visit. Simply fill out a new thread and we will get you an answer as quickly as possible.


We use our own theme

And we are constantly updating 7 Listings with new features requested by users and we use it for our website and clients’ sites as well. So rest assure, you will get any future update with new features for 100% free once you buy the theme. We are fully dedicated to 7 Listings  and our user base!


Regular Updates

We frequently release updates with new features. Our goal is to reduce your need for 3rd party plugins that may reduce the performance of your website. We constantly use and improve our theme and add new features from user feedback, and implement the latest best practices to ensure your website is meets the latest and best standards. Our main goals are to add features and improve usability with the best UI design for WordPress, so you can do your website your way! See our changelog


We offer full-service web design

Our team can build your whole website for you as well. What better way to ensure to get all the features you need and for our developers and designer to use our theme hands on to ensure it is working bug free and is easy to use. We enjoy working with clients so we can get the best feedback and to drive the development of new business oriented features. If you choose to have us do your website then you get a single site licence FREE!
For more information and a quote simply contact us.