• Booking pages: completely redone
    • Show 3 reviews on booking page with excerpt length = 17
    • Calendar: optimised for mobile and tablet
  • form validation, hint, autofill
  • show/hide mobile navbar on scroll events with animations


  • Edit booking: admin UI
  • from prices: add “space” after from
  • review avatars: alt & title tags
  • header logo: css
  • Move mini cart to product module
  • #featured background image: class logic
  • Social media link/button w/Counters – titles
  • 1 code to display booking button for all modules
  • Use post_date for booking time


  • modal position: on mobiles
  • mobile navbar: top position CSS
  • homepage social share buttons display
  • Desktop navbar: remove extra div
  • breadcrumbs hierarchy

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