• Booking: Print Customer receipt;
  • Admin booking:
    • Add helicopter transfer,
    • Change shuttle quantity by amount of guests;
    • Room Options,
    • Add sole occupancy to admin booking,


  • Show total price of booking item;
  • front: price currency CSS;
  • add booking modal: responsive;
  • book package: exceed all error CSS;
  • Modify accommodation function (get_max_guests) to make it works with multisite;
  • Hide admin notifications to install required plugins if user isn’t administrator;
  • Improve markup for resource’s price in resource select list;
  • edit atr: allocation scheduling tooltip;
  • Optimize shuttle on booking page;
  • Add some trigger to show/hide components;


  • Fix TC – basic formatting;
  • Fix total price of booking item in admin booking;
  • Fix rental permanent price change;
  • Fix accommodation and rental permanent and scheduling prices;
  • Fix bug: Email – Total ignores discount;