• Accomm booking: rooms selector;
  • Calculate sole occupancy price by custom price;
  • Design: new font – Garamond, 16 variations;
  • cart page: empty page links;


  • Accomm – Booking Page – show from for scheduled pricing;
  • Edit calculate total accommodation price by sole occupancy;
  • front design: 7 Custom Fonts – font stacks;
  • block quote CSS improvement;
  • booking front: CSS improvements;
  • Front Cart: mobile – tablet CSS & markup improvements;
  • CSS: move cart/page.less to booking.css, save 7kb in sl-main.css;
  • Remove require terms if resource doesn’t have it;
  • booking: next button warning message, in html display none & override in CSS, to make sure it doesn’t show if CSS is not loaded;
  • from/to text: accomm, emails, markup to have consistent css classes;
  • Set eway as a default payment gateway;


  • Fix bug user can’t navigate lightcase slideshow when it’s the last slide;
  • Fix show config code in cart item;
  • Fix bug min guest warning wasn’t showing;
  • Fix problem with surcharge price in admin booking;
  • Get rid of check/checkout inputs in edit rental;
  • Fix allocation bug when edit booking;