• Refunds:
    • Whole, partial refunds of bookings,
    • reports,
    • edit booking: total markup, refunded;
    • Show refund and remaining revenue in refunded booking,
    • refund popup CSS,
    • Only show refund in network reports,
  • Add action to hook after update booking;
  • Booking: booking resources CSS;
  • Add css class to booking page if it has only one resource;
  • add filter to display booking item;
  • admin:¬†Add location filter to ATRA management pages;


  • booking:
    • summary box border-radius-max,
    • Show min guest warning message showing on load,
    • CSS improvements – em sizes,
    • edit booking: summary markup,
    • Optimize admin booking js code,
    • Add filter to guest input in edit booking page,
    • show infant guest in customer info,
    • edit booking: SKU CSS;
  • Improve booking list;
  • admin: custom report settings;


  • Fix some little bugs;