• accommodation: room configurator;
  • accommodation diet settings;
    • admin,
    • reports,
    • booking,
  • Add filter to add content below photo in accommodation resource


  • booking:
    • select input widths CSS & markup;
    • booking message: remove dietary text in placeholder;
    • accommodation min guests error CSS;
    • mobile vertical – labels CSS;
    • Remove exceed allocation if custom guest type is no reduces allocation,
    • Radio input CSS improvement;
    • Disabled input labels CSS;
  • Optimize diet settings;
  • Gallery Thumbnails responsive columns CSS;
  • admin: settings CSS finetune;
  • Modify js functions in accommodation booking page;
  • Do not show post type menu if post type has no posts;
  • Optimize js;
  • Improve loading speed when select guests on accommodation booking page;
  • Add condition to specific guest type in accommodation booking page;
  • Add filter to add data to accommodation polices tab;
  • Add more logic to guest type;


  • Fix js in accommodation booking;
  • Fix bug photo is hidden when add new upsell;