• Filter & active filter widgets
    • Accommodations
    • Companies
    • Rentals
    • Tours
  • Tour bundles (plugin)
  • Single tour page: display prices for guest types
  • product archive SALE tag
  • Payment gateway selector design with descriptions
  • Homepage
    • Search widget uses inline svgs for icons
    • Custom HTML shortcodes support


  • Fine-tune design for different layout settings
    • 1 Box
    • Boxed
  • Translation ready tooltip shortcode used for all tooltips
  • Booking page design
  • Design Import/Export: now use more settings (logo svg code, email settings)
  • Optimise CSS for #featured area with image or map
  • Shorten Facebook page url
  • remove sidebar fade-in;
  • Change expire header (from 10years > 1 year)
  •  Change jQuery UI from google CDN for filter widget, use WP jQuery UI Slider


  • Fix product archive image size
  • Fix product category image setting
  • Fix draggable marker with google map in #featured area

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