• Widgets: Free listings setting (show/hide)
  • WooCommerce uses theme placeholder image
  • New: separate ATR & WC cart .less files;
  • 7 Contact form widget, uses correct background colour (light or dark inputs), based on parent background color;
  • Mobile Nav: position (left/right) settings, logo settings and front design
  • CodeMirror for custom CSS/less input


  • Remove ‘display: none’ from modal. Use .hidden in markup
  • admin CSS cleanup, shortcode modals CSS
  • admin: edit booking UI
  • WC: Fix JS for removing images from gallery and booking resources
  • Remove deprecated function from WooCommerce
  • Remove redundant .amount in price tag of product
  • Images placeholder: rgba(background);
  • Product archive: Columns organise CSS; products “On Sale” design;
  • WC widgets CSS polishes (same design as 7 widgets)
  • WC product bundles add-on CSS
  • remove social sharing buttons & comments: booking/checkout & user admin pages
  • Improve: cart UI on mobile header;
  • products: Set default image for brand logo
  • Add function_exists check for woo commerce page, In case the plugin hasn’t been installed and activated or users don’t use Products module
  • admin: optimize JS code for Design page
  • Admin CSS
  • Front CSS: Listings, prices, buttons
  • .less file structure
  • Single post: Gallery UI polishes
  • Search forms: markup & CSS (semantic markup with words);
  • 404: markup improvement & UI;
  • buttons.less: reduce selectors;
  • WC: remove CSS for: .first, .last
  • add review/comment button smaller
  • admin: time picker slider;
  • WP 3.8 admin colours,
  • admin: edit post format checkbox design;
  • front: remove text & box shadows from main nav
  • Booking calendar: remove CSS fade-in animation


  • Fix: Widget calendar: wordwrap;
  • Fix: #sidebar width for tablets and layout options;
  • Fix: wrong path to Font-Awesome file of icons
  • Fix: code formatting
  • Fix: to show WooCommerce cart
  • Fix: wrong param for similar columns for single product page
  • Fix: breadcrumbs toggle on/off settings
  • Fix: dropdown menu item height CSS
  • Fix: display pay button when cart is empty

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