• Add CSS classes for date time picker popup: .sl-datepicker, .sl-timepicker-slider, .sl-button
  • widgets: hide posts in widgets if they are they would link/display current page
  • Homepage products widget: Add button See more products
  • Reports: Add class .cart-item with cart booking
  • Reports: display ATR icons, and tour booking types (tickets, charter) and more data in table, responsive CSS
  • Add filter for cart booking column in booking management page to allow other modules, plugins change the content of the column (which is used by tour ticket plugin)


  • Optimize script for before showing date time picker, move the common code into global SlBooking object
  • Booking: calendar popup: CSS, UI, organise files
  • Booking: Removed code for show/hide old required icon
  • Up date condition .if wc active then get link page shop
  • See more listings settings and buttons/links
  • Contact Us: Add space after state and before postcode with address
  • front #sidebar: padding for different layouts and background colours
  • front pagination: active page CSS improvement for better compatibility with any colour choices in design settings
  • Booking archive table CSS (from network bookings)
  • Edit booking CSS
  • rename variables and add more description to filter
  • Enqueue timepicker for rental booking page only


  • Booking: fix js bug not trigger change when click on “I agree” in Terms & Conditions popup;
  • Fix conditions for link button “See more products”;
  • booking emails: Fix: not rendering of shortcodes in email for cart module
  • Fix: if site doesn’t have nav menu, then script to make header sticky fails

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