• Tours: lead in rate with settings
  • Prices: new logic when to show from
  • featured title heading text-shadow mixins, heading colour interpolation
  • design background image: add background-size
  • Listing search widget
  • Add default settings (_archive_cat_image_size) for accommodation, tours, rental, company, product
  • image lazyload module
  • Use WP tabs design


  • Admin CSS
  • add http:// to url placeholders, and sanitise value when saving
  • Companies edit: ¬†layout, markup
  • Contact Us settings UI
  • Trim spaces when saving social links
  • Main settings markup
  • Sidebar CSS
  • sidebar, footer: buttons text-guard
  • use image thumbnails in admin
  • ajax loader
  • reduce images (amount) and use base64 embed
  • Optimize code for resource select, and price display in booking page
  • optimise js
  • Tour settings
  • use same background image UI in all places


  • WP page: fix unexpected toggle behaviour on ON/OFF switches
  • Contact Us: social media custom colour
  • homepage featured image
  • less compiler
  • centering map in shortcodes
  • main attractions I/O setting
  • map markers to use marker from design settings
  • Fix unindexed param in widgets
  • Fix IO switches. Update Id Checkboxes after add widgets
  • business hours settings inputs
  • Fix default settings for category image size.
  • Don’t create new locations taxonomies when editing company
  • adding upsells to tours and rentals
  • accomm archive: fix stars column CSS
  • tour price markup and CSS
  • fix required/warning icon

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