• Add more security check for booking page
  • Add attraction to license checking
  • Add “novalidate” for form edit post
  • Add code, hooks for 7Tour Min Guests plugin
  • Add enqueue ‘sl-meta-box’
  • Add ATR Menu Dropdown options
  • Add media tab to Companies
  • Add latitude and longitude for attraction


  • Show IP address in booking details page
  • Optimize script for booking page
  • Smoother navbar when scrolling
  • Code for options dropdown menu
  • Update fix booking button
  • Update default settings dropdown for ATR
  • Use “minify” library for minifying JS code
  • front search widget CSS
  • css background image size CSS


  • Missing menu item
  • Price sidebar
  • Show/hide next button for Min Guests plugin
  • saving movies
  • sidebar tours

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