• Search widget: works with CPT taxonomies and has setting for CPT archives
  • Filter search widget: ratins, star rating(accomm)
  • ON/OFF switches now use iOS8 look
  • widget shortcode plugin uses only theme widgets
  • separate option to display star rating for accommodation in archive pages
  • separate shortcodes into plugins
  • maps shortcodes now can have multiple markers with windows
  • use 1 widget for all CPT posts, sliders, taxonomies


  • JS for admin
  • make tooltips work in widgets
  • code for help tabs in admin
  • optimize saving of listings (posts), delete empty fields from db to save space and keep db optimised
  • make archive and single settings for all post types
  • show “from” with prices if there are more booking resources than 1
  • use plural for CPT menu items
  • remove helper functions to register CPTs
  • load small image thumbnails in admin after image upload
  • remove image sprites and embedd as svgs to reduce http requests
  • move CPT help into wp help tab
  • use unicode characters for featured and starred listings
  • change less/css file names
  • listing owner metabox UI
  • wp admin CSS optimisation
  • remove fade in effect for booking buttons on hover when column design is used
  • wp admin markup of settings
  • coding style for maps
  • change variable name for latitude and longitute
  • contact form widgets uses no inline script


  • prices markup in archive pages
  • currency format js
  • homepage featured title for blog posts
  • 2 settings
  • map in featured area and post content
  • js error when cloning rental
  • timepicker popup for rental edit
  • upload image for slideshows
  • toggle payment gateway options if OFF
  • show SSl option for eway only if self hosted option is ON
  • centering of maps
  • redundant params for slider/post widgets
  • undefined ‘switch_to_blog’ function for tours
  • sorting in archive pages

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