• Setting to display ratings in archives
  • Show booking button at the bottom of content when there’s only 1 booking resource, and hide booking resource section
  • Show “Add comment” button at the top of comment section if there’re > 5 comments
  • Setting to display different heights for featured title area
  • Company – Single: height setting and remove popup options for map in featured title area
  • Company – Single: Google map in featured title area, with settings
  • Company – Single: Show company badge in featured title area


  • star ratings CSS
  • archive markup
  • payment tab when editing ATR listings
  • pricing bugs
  • prices now work with rentals


  • star ratings CSS
  • Don’t show thumbnail for photo slider if there’s only 1 photo for a listing
  • Refactor code for featured title area
  • map settings for single company
  • Add bounce effect to map marker to make sure it always visible

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