• Tour: departure times are displayed with listing
  • Add option for image size for featured image as background
  • ATR: Use featured image as background for featured title area for all editions
  • Google maps locations for all listings in archive
  • Rentals: Business Hours
  • Add hooks for editing, saving, sending emails for all modules
  • Company: Save logo when edit company
  • Company: Create location terms if needed
  • Google Maps: Add zoom level for featured title area


  • Update grunt
  • Add title to booking times section.
  • Better showing booking times in listing content.
  • No hook to “the_content”
  • General coding style
  • Tours: Use input type=”number” for allocation
  • Network: Get broadcasted data by blog ID
  • Optimize functions for getting broadcasted data. Use only 1 function!
  • Netwrok: Add function to get booked allocations for 1 site via normal booking or via cart
  • Network: Listing Sharing improved
  • Company: featured title area
  • CSS improvements


  • duplicate booking times.
  • wrong “switch to blog”
  • Tours: Allocation for resources in ajax
  • Network: Unbookable dates
  • Network: duplicated images in listings
  • Network: featured title background for shared posts
  • Don’t call plugin’s functions directly. Use hooks instead
  • Companies admin: view chart
  • Style and JS actions for tour edit page
  • JS error for gallery settings

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