• Complete and consistent html5 markup for all pages
  • Layout for single/archive pages are configurable with sidebars
  • Separate template parts into files to reduce repetition
  • Improve shortcodes (colour preview)
  • Rewrite and improve rich snippets, with settings
  • Show company brand, product and services on single company page
  • Send email to company owner/admin when new company is registered and new company news is added
  • Review star now can be ‘star’ or ‘heart’
  • WP admin design integration into WP 3.8 admin themes
  • – ON/OFF checkboxes to match different admin colours
  • main & sidebar colour inputs
  • mobile nabber colour input
  • single product page now shows overall rating below price
  • companies admin shows badge of companies that need to be approved


  • Company cannot update logo
  • Order by in company list widget
  • CSS fixes
  • Layout options (one box, boxed) now look good
  • Mobile header CSS improved
  • WP sink now uses font icons

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