• 404 page with built in search results
  • Simplify Header markup for desktop and mobile navigation
  • Single Product Page: displays upsets and cross sells and related products
  • Use admin labels for front end (single pages)
  • Login Pages, password reset now re-designed and work
  • WC pages use products.css
  • Hide footer on booking pages
  • Sync between product Photos and WC gallery & featured image


  • Fix errors for W3 validation
  • Mobile nave is hidden if not needed, so it does not flash up when changing orientation of mobile device (iOS)
  • Admin photos tab: photos can be deleted
  • Movies are saved, when saving a lot of new data
  • Removed auto generated WC categories in archive
  • ATR: base urls now work for listings
  • Clean up less files
  • Default body colour now covers mobile nave and is used from theme

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