• SEO title settings for Accomm, Tours and Rentals
  • Add settings for city, state, country
  • Add settings for page title for all listing types
  • Localize all settings file
  • Move settings & hooks to modules, not using 1 file for everything anymore, so when a module is deactivated, code is smaller loaded and site is faster
  • Remove redundant code in post-management & taxonomy folders
  • Rewrite code for social button, using class
  • Fix bug when saving checkboxes (homepage, listings settings pages) Frontend:
  • Optimize hook for product (woocommerce), hooks are added/removed only when needed
  • Optimize Javascript parameters for each module. Use custom hooks to let modules add their own parameters. That means when a module is deactivated, no additional JS code is added.
  • Optimize JS loading for homepage, single, widgets, slideshow: load only when needed
  • Optimize JS code for cart & social button
  • Icons(font) in modal popups for main buttons
  • Social Media Icons now use font
  • Navbar search now has a search Button with font icon
  • 404 page, removed big icon, and added icon to Search button to mach Google


  • Posts now have full TinyMCE editor
  • Booking page optimized CSS with smoother animations
  • Posts archive title
  • Booking Page: 404

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