• 404 redirect to similar page;
  • Accommodation upsell prices with discounts;
  • Add photo and description to advanced upsells;
  • edit tour:  advanced upsets settings toggle;
  • Add filter to rental shortcodes;
  • admin edit ATRA: upsells markup & CSS;


  • admin: settings CSS;
  • Only enqueue price slider if it isn’t frontage;
  • .htaccess: add rules, fine-tune + help file;
  • mixins: text-shadow based on font-size;
  • Use select2 resource only when needed;
  • .htaccess rules;
  • edit page: subtitle tinyMCE wrap CSS fine-tune;
  • optimize accommodation booking page;
  • Design: Add custom fonts to login page;
  • Optimize toggle js;
  • Tripadvisor: label icon;
  • Remove unused params in resource


  • Booking: IE fadein in FIX;
  • Temporary remove WPSEO filter;
  • homepage title class name fix;
  • Fix cycle2 js error;
  • admin archives: shared post icon CSS;
  • Fix login page;