• upsell price rounding;
  • Add number of nights in accommodation booking item;
  • Add function to get price of one guest in accommodation;
  • Add upsell display admin only option;
  • Add shuttle return (different stop) to admin booking;
  • Add/Edit item in bundle/package booking;
  • Add description to guest type in admin booking;


  • admin: Improve show accommodation nights;
  • edit booking CSS;
  • Improve Admin add/edit booking;
  • Add more info to contact page email (browser, system, IP);
  • Apply scheduled price to discount;
  • Improve pdf preview rewrite;
  • Save upsell price including decimals;
  • Improve check accommodation’s unbooked dates;
  • Load cart module in admin by default;
  • Minify js files;
  • Update WooCoomers template files;


  • admin: add booking item modal CSS fix for 4.7.4;
  • Fix excerpt wordcount;
  • Fix admin add/edit rental booking doesn’t show customer’s inputs;
  • Fix translate issue of datepicker;