• Accommodation guest types;
  • Single ATR: post features (text, image, text+image);
  • Add surcharge title;
  • Add balance to deposit agent booking email;
  • Attraction: Add image and marker to attraction feature;


  • Optimize contact customization metabox;
    • Remove social button custom color input in contact us page metabox;
    • Remove contact customization metabox in other WP pages;
  • Single ATR: Add space after comma when display features/amenities as text;
  • booking markup;
  • edit accommodation:
    • tooltips;
    • Reorder booking resource settings;


  • Fix: thank you booking page doesn’t show customer information after booking;
  • Fix: bug booking with no country code;
  • 404 page: Search input CSS fix;
  • Stars/ratings CSS fix;
  • Fix serialize warning