When you click the “Add Tour” button you will see a new page that looks like this:

The best way to complete the listing is to start at the top left and work your way down.


1. Title

This is the business name or another descriptive title for the tour.

After you add a title, a permalink will appear below the title field.

If you change the tour title, check the permalink so it is updated as well for good SEO, this is not automatic.


2. Content

Here you enter a description about the operator and the kind of service they provide, etc.

2.1 Content Formatting

A range of formatting tools are at your disposal (top), to add headings and bullet lists.

They work just like in MS Office Word.


3. Excerpt/Short description

The excerpt is the text that is displayed in the featured slider on the homepage and on search results. It is important to write this carefully like a informative call to action.

A word counter is on the bottom, so you can optimize the excerpt to the right length.

Note: If empty first 75 words from Content will be used


4. Tour Photos

Upload photos from the tour/operator, these are displayed as a slideshow on the listings page. Please try to upload high quality images that are bigger than 1280 x 800px.

4.1 Upload Photos

Click into the Field and select a photo from your computer.

To add more photos click the “+” button to add another photo.

> Click “Update” – to save/upload your photos to the server

4.2 Photo Description

After you have uploaded the photos you can enter the photo description. This is important for SEO and it is good if you try to use keywords in the description.

See Hint: “Enter Photo Description”

4.3 Set Main Image

> Click “star”

And a preview of the selected image will appear in the right sidebar.

The main image is the main image that will be used on the website to display the tour. For this you should use your best and highest quality photo because we need a good size for the featured listings slider, and so it looks appealing to visitors.

4.4 Change Photo Order

You can change the order of photos in which they appear on the Tour listing gallery.

To change the order of the photos simply drag and drop them into the desired position.


5. Tour Information

5.1 Tour Type & Lead in Rate

Tour Type & Lead in Rate are required for correct display and sorting of the Tour.

The Lead in Rate is used for sorting of listings by price.

The Featured button set the priority for the listing, an easier way to set priority is in the All Tours overview page.

5.2 Address

The address is not crucial to the Tours because the individual tour resources have their own location. But city and state are important for sorting and display of the tour.

After you have entered the address save the listing.

This will show up the Google Maps position for the Tour Operator.

Hint: Use auto-suggestion for the city field

 5.3 Google Maps Position

> Click “Update” to refresh or display the Maps location.

After saving the listing with a correct address you will see a preview of the marker position. If the position is incorrect you can manually position the marker using coordinates.

To get Coordinates:

1. Online Tool


2. Google Maps


> Zoom in to desired location > > Right Click > Select: “What’s Here”> > > In the Search Bar the Coordinates will appear. 


6. Tour Features

On the top right hand side you can find the Features box. The features are important to create relationships between listings and to group them.

Hint: Try to reuse existing “features” and add new ones if you cannot choose existing one.
This is the most basic minimum a listing can be filled in to at least display properly, to be able to book you have to continue.


7. Booking Resources

Here is where we enter the individual tours an operator has to offer, this needs to be filled in correctly for the booking system to work properly. Again you try to fill in as much as possible for best results.

Alert: Title, Price, Departure & Allocation are required for correct display and booking of the Tour.

7.1 Price

Alert: At least 1 Price has to be entered, regardless of adult, child,.. for the booking to work!

To enable a price for other passenger types

> Click the ON/OFF switch and

> > Enter Price


7.2 Departure

Alert: At least 1 Departure has to be entered for the booking to work!

7.2.1 Custom Departures

If you want to let the visitor choose a departure time for tours such as helicopter or plane flights, then change

> Custom Departures: ON 

Note: Custom Departures – default: OFF

7.2.1 Daily Departures

If the tour is departing every day of the week then leave

> Daily Departures: ON

7.2.2 Individual Departures

To enter tour departures for specific days  then disable “Daily Departures”

> Daily Departures: OFF

This will enable you to set individual time and days.

To Enable a day:

> Change ON/OFF switch next to day

> > Enter departure and arrival times

 Note: Your tour can have different departure times on different days, simply set the times for that day.

 7.2.3 Tour Times

To enter departure and arrival times click into the field and a tool will popup.

7.2.4 Multiple Tour Times

If you have more then 1 tour departing per day

> Click the “+” Button 

An extra field will appear for you to enter departure and arrival times. To delete extra departure use the “-” button.


7.3 Allocation

Enter how many seats we can book per departure.

Note: Default = 1 Seat to allow bookingSame Allocation is applied to every departure.


7.4 Upsells

Gives you the ability to sell optional extras to the customer like:

– better lunch, diving, upgraded accommodation,….

Left Field: Description

Right Field: Price (to not include XX.00)


7.5 Custom Tour Location

If the tour goes a long distance from the operators location, then you can insert a custom location for the Tour.

It  works the same way as entering a cutom location with Google Maps.

To get Coordinates:

1. Online Tool


2. Google Maps


> Zoom in to desired location> > Right Click > Select: “What’s Here”> > > In the Search Bar the Coordinates will appear.


7.6 Multiple Tour Resources

To add another tour: simply click the “+” Button on the bottom of the box and you will be able to insert all data.

To delete a tour: simply click the “-” Button on the bottom or the Booking Resource box


8. Policies

You can enter unique payment & cancellation policies and terms & conditions for each Tour Operator.

They will appear on the bottom of the listing and are part of the booking process.

Note: Policies are not required to make a successful booking.


9. Contact Info & Payment

Are currently not used on the front end and are not cruicial for listings or bookings.